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Rabbit Feed

Now feeding Rowe 16/18 rabbit feed.

Current price is $14.00 for 50 pound or $7.00 for 25 pound.

Rowe 16/18

At Sliver Pond like any rabbitry our largest expense and most critical element in our operation is obtaining a quality feed our rabbits will perform on at the most reasonable price possible.

Since our former feed, ADM Pen Pal Pro, failed to drop back to pre-drought price levels after the drought we were forced to find a new feed.  After talking with a few fellow growers I decided to try Rowe feeds.  A call to Rowe and talk with Gene Rowe he decided the Rabbit 16/18 was best for a grower operation like here at Sliver Pond.  When I saw the ingredients included Amino acids and Lysine which are both ingredients recommended by my entrusted advisors to help reduce enteritis,  my interest grew stronger and we had to give it a try.  This feed protein level is 16% but addition of the Lysine and Amino acids makes it an effective 18% but with very good feed conversion making for a firm/tight rabbit which is highly desirable on the show table.

Skeptical, yes but the rabbits blew through the first test of palatability straight away.  The feed does have a stronger alfalfa scent as well which may have contributed.  The real test though could not be determined until new kits started reaching fryer age.  I don't know if all the change can be contributed to my breeding program but have been very excited about grow-out results.  One mistake I think some breeders make analyzing feed performance is strictly by weight gain.  Being a processor as well I see that too high a protein and fat level in feed leads to heavy internal fat deposits which greatly reduces the ability of rabbits to reproduce and sustain reproduction capability.  To me reasonable gains and a sustainable future are much more important than bragging about rapid weight gains like 5 pound rabbits in 8 weeks.  I also had a fellow breeder that had issues in their rabbitry and took animals to the Ohio Department of Agriculture Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory where they determined the problem was Coccidiosis driven from high protein feed and lack of feed conversion.  Just another reason to avoid high protein feed.

Rowe Professional Rabbit Formulations can be used not only for show rabbits but commercial and pet rabbits as well. Choosing the correct product depends on the breeder’s purpose in raising rabbits and goals he or she wishes to obtain.

Following is a list of nutritional benefits contained in Rowe Professional Rabbit Formulations.

  • High Levels of Alfalfa meal. Ask for a free sample, see and smell the difference compared to other major brands
  • Complete feed, no additional feedstuffs are required
  • Fixed formula. All Rowe formulations maintain the same ingredients in the same percentages continuously
  • When fed properly Rowe Professional Rabbit Formulations exceed all essential nutrient requirements required in a Rabbit’s diet
  • No additional sources of protein, energy, vitamins or minerals required including salt
  • Amino Acids added to improve levels and ratios of essential amino acids dedicated to improved milk production, feed conversion, muscle development, rate of gain and fur enhancement
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract added for reduction of ammonia level
  • High quality fiber ingredients in addition to Alfalfa meal along with other proven nutrients to maintain gut health, stimulate gut motility and reduce fur chewing.
  • Low fiber high starch diets result in gut hypomotility, reduced cecotrope formation and prolonged retention time in the hindgut which often results in enteritis. Enteritis is a primary gastrointestinal disorder and often results in diarrhea. This disorder is a result of an imbalance in normal microflora in the gut; this disorder is often caused by insufficient fiber and or too much starch in the diet.
  • Rowe Professional Rabbit Formulations contains no corn, high levels of fiber and additional nutrients to reduce the incidence of enteritis, improve the immune system and general rabbit health.
  • Probiotics for increased digestion, balanced PH levels and general health benefits
  • Chelated Trace minerals for higher digestibility
  • Higher than normal levels of B-Complexes for health and production benefits


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